Social Media Tips For Small Business

Social Media Tips For Small Business

Many small business owners feel that they simply don’t have time to maintain a solid social media presence, but that’s generally because they aren’t aware of the many benefits of doing so. For instance, most consumers use online resources for making purchasing decisions, and they are much more likely to be loyal to companies that they feel they have a personal connection with. This is where social media can give any small business an edge.

Using Social Media Successfully

Social media isn’t just for playing games and sharing cute photos of cats — and it’s also not a fleeting trend that going to be gone tomorrow. It’s here to stay, and it’s changed the entire way in which we communicate with one another as well as do business. For instance, if you’re a restaurant owner, you can use social media to entice customers into your establishment by posting daily specials, luscious photographs of menu items, and generally engaging in an ongoing dialogue with customers and prospective customers. Any type of small business can make social media work to their advantage, and best of all, it’s an extremely cost-effective way of getting your products and services out there to the buying public.

Social Media Tips for Small Business
Successful small business social media pages are well written, informative, and interactive. Giving participants on your page the opportunity to ask questions, for instance, keeps them engaged and interested in your business. Also, keep in mind that your content is not only seen by those who have “liked” your page but also by those on their own “friends lists.” The potential for exposure through social media is worldwide. Even if you’re a small, local business that doesn’t depend  on today’s global marketplace, you’ll still reach a significant number of prospective customers in your community by maintaining an interactive social media page.

Capturing the Human Moments

Providing a human element to business is what social media does best, and even the slickest ad agencies can’t match provide the same type of immediate human touch.  Social media marketing is something that you can’t afford to ignore as a small business owner.  Fortunately, professional solutions exist to meet your social media needs, so find out more today about the positive impact that an engaging, interactive social media page can have on your small business.

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  1. G S Meredith
    G S Meredith says:

    I think the time factor always plays a role in how small businesses take up social media. New start ups by younger people are often more proficient because they have grown up with the media and have the developed skills. I’ve worked with a number of more mature business owners who struggle with developing a coherent strategy. Certainly smartphones have made it so much easier to engage with social media, allowing us to update on the move or in a quiet moment. The main thing that people struggle with more than anything else is that altruistic engagement – the retweets, replies and mentions that ad the most value to a social media campaign.

    • Michael
      Michael says:

      Could not agree more. We believe that leveraging what you do best (run your business) then engage professionals to run social media and marketing. (like us)


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