5 Everyday Social Media Tasks

millions on social networks

It is interesting how many times we look at a potential client’s Twitter, Facebook, blog and other social media platforms and find they have not updated for days, weeks or even months.  It is no longer a set it and forget it world, content management is very important to staying relevant to search engines, current clients and perspective clients.


  • 19 million people a day use social networks and social games (how many do you touch?)
  • On average they spend 22 minutes each day on these services (that is amazing to me)
  • In July 2011 Twitter had over 150 million unique visitors (I hope you have a Twitter account and participate in at least one Tweet Chat a week)
  • On Facebook there are 510,000 comments posts every 60 seconds (How many do you do per day??)
  • 1 in 3 small businesses have some kind of presence on social media sites (which side are you on?)

As you can see from the basic statistics above your customers are using social media every day, on average 22 minutes a day.  So here are the 5 Things Every Brand Should Do Each Day:

  • Update your Twitter at least three (3) times over the day!  Only 1 in 6 should be about selling the rest NEED to be about being valuable to your audience.
  • Update your Facebook Fanpage (Please tell me you have a Fan-page and not using your personal page) five times a week with content that creates an emotional connection with your audience & highlights your Taste Maker skills.  We do it with Spotify playlists, food and wine
  • Update your Pintersest with cool pics at least once a day.  We find cool old pictures of Los Angeles or Hollywood stars from the past – test your fan base.
  • Make at least 5 (five) comments on related blogs, user groups or LinkedIn Groups.  Show people that you are a trusted filter not a snake oil salesmen
  • Curate content for your blog & social media platforms.  This can be video. audio, written posts, images or a mixture of it all.

That is just a basic list.  What do you do each day to move your brand forward?


As always we are here to review your current strategy, make suggestions or take over all the heave lifting, we are having a special until October 15th 2012!

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