Sponsored Posts: Facebook Scam Or Real?

If your business has not utilized the Sponsored Post feature on your Facebook fan page yet, you should try right away. Facebook now gives you the ability to promote a post with as little as $5. It is very easy and affordable.

  1. Facebook estimates that only 16% of a company’s fans
  2. Facebook says, –  “Your promoted posts will be seen by a larger percentage of the people who like your page than would normally see it. It will also be seen by a larger percentage of the friends of people who interact with your post.”
  3. “When you post on your page, it currently may only reach a limited amount of the people that Like your page each week,” a Facebook staffer says via a video posted on the social network.
  4. Promoted posts help increase the people you reach for any eligible post. It’s an easy and fast way to reach more of the people that Like your page and your friends.
  5. If a coffee shop wants to let its Facebook fans know that it’s having a 20% discount special, for example, the merchant can promote that post so it gets better placement in its Facebook fans’ news feeds.
FROM FACEBOOK:  What are some tips for choosing an image for my ad?
Many advertisers find the most success by experimenting to identify the best image for their ad. To do this, try running ads with different images and then monitor their performance to see if there are images that people tend to respond to more positively or frequently. If you’re just getting started creating your first few ads, here are some general tips about how to pick a strong image:
  1. Choose an image that is directly relevant to your product or service
  2. Use an image that is bright and eye-catching, even when viewed at a small size
  3. Avoid images that have many small details or text and opt for something simple instead
  4. Be sure to choose an image that is the right size

Sponsored Posts are an excellent way to promote videos, special deals, and any other promotion you want more fans to see on their newsfeed. This will increase impressions, likes, and clicks. It is not a trick or magic driving  more fans to your Facebook page:

      1. have a goal: more likes, more views, contest sign up
      2. track your progress: daily
      3. be creative
      4. consistent
      5. conversational
      6. deliver useful tips or strategies.
      7. post engaging photos.
      8. use polling and questions


Try it today for your business.   Have you done it?   Do you have a creative social media strategy?

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