Staying on Message

I’ve noticed a growing trend among small businesses that manage their own social media pages. They are so scared of seeming “salesey” that they literally post nothing about their own brand.

strategyI recently followed a frozen yogurt branch on Facebook and their strategy consisted of posting bad knock-knock jokes, which added nothing to their brand or social authority. With zero fan interaction, it was clear there was a disconnect.

What’s happening is that business owners are reading an article or two about social media and taking the “don’t sell” bullet points a bit too literally. Yes, social media is not advertising. However, content should still add value. It should strengthen your brand and elevate your authority within the category.

An example of adding value is quoting the quote below is from an article from Content Marketing Institute:

Quoting: Excerpting, or quoting, is a popular approach to annotating third-party content. Sites like The Daring Fireball and Slashdot make frequent use of the <blockquote> html tag for this purpose. Here, the curator finds interesting blocks of text (similar to pull quotes in a print magazine) and wraps their commentary around it. This requires a medium amount of effort because the curator first has to read the article to choose a thought-provoking section and create commentary to go around the quote. The SEO value in a quoted curation piece is relatively high because there’s a reasonable amount of original content mixed with a quote from the original article. This approach is of higher value for readers as well, because it allows them to focus on an especially interesting portion of the article and grasp the curator’s perspective before diving into the full article (or deciding they don’t need to read the full article).

Jokes may be appropriate if you are a comedy blog. But when you are a frozen yogurt company, I would much rather know the flavors of the day.

Remember the top three reasons people will Like a page is because they want to support the company, get promotions or for frequent updates. Journey too far off the beaten path and you are paying a disservice to your most loyal customers. Stick to what you know.

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