Summer Social Media | A Guide To Posting

With Summer’s official start just a day away I want to take this time to discuss how to best share on social media during these next warm months.

imagesSummer brings with it sunshine, warm weather, a more lax attitude and overall vibe, and also a lot of great content to share on social media! Whether it’s a beach vacay pic, a series of content about a killer internship or summer job, or a colorful post containing a summer medley of fruit salad and a juicy burger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are very popular to use during these exciting summer months.

We have to be careful though because content shared should be shared strategically or thoughtfully so, and whether you are a brand, a business, or a personal, you want your social media content to go over well with it’s viewers. Some things to be mindful of when sharing content on your pages this summer are:

  1. Be excited, but not braggy. Just because you or your business is having the most lavish and exhilarating summer yet, doesn’t mean that everyone else is. So when you are posting pictures or videos of gorgeous views, yacht parties, fine dining events and etc., be humble about these opportunities, so that followers don’t feel as if you are rubbing your blessedness in their faces. Instead of captions that contain #winning, braggy sounding statements, or a spoiled-seeming downplay of the great set-up you have going, try sharing this type content with captions that allow viewers to feel happy for you, not envious of you! Make them feel as if they are a part of an exciting situation saying, “I am loving this gorgeous view today, the sky is both orange and purple at the same time, and the breeze is truly wonderful!” Versus a statement such as “In the most beautiful place on Earth today and loving every second of it!” By just painting a picture for a viewer you are helping draw the focus to the aesthetics of the situation, not just the wonderfulness of it!
  2. Remember to switch it up. I get it, you’re working in NYC this summer, but do you have to post pictures of the New York skyline from your Brooklyn apartment every single day? If you are a personal, or a big brand, be mindful of not sharing too similar of content each day, as your followers could become bored and unfollow. If you are a restaurant and each day you post colorful margaritas on a sunny outdoor patio, you’re definitely playing off of the summer vibe, but enough already with the various frozen drinks! Summer days can be repetitive, eat, sleep, tan, repeat, but if you are constantly posting the same type of thing you are not utilizing social media to the best of your abilities at all!
  3. Professionalism is still important. Summer may be the time where we all collectively sort of let loose, but don’t let your drinkincreased lackadaisical attitude carry over to your social media accounts. It’s more than okay to post the occasional happy hour photo, but constantly uploading content containing alcohol, partying, or evidence of a questionable night doesn’t bode well with followers of businesses, or personals! (Especially if you run a company or want a job, like, ever). Enjoy your summer and allow your followers some insight into your downtime, but don’t feel it necessary to #TurnUp every Friday on your previously professional profiles.

Hope this advice helps, and happy summer posting!

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