YouTube Marketing Questions


[h1]What are your YouTube marking questions?[/h1]

We are one of the few social media companies that does YouTube marketing that drives on YouTube page engagement, not embedded videos on others pages.  Why is this important? On YouTube page engagement delivers social media engagement on other platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and the like.  The other important difference between Strategic Revolution and other YouTube Marketing companies is we believe in transparency from beginning to end thus we are willing to share the most common questions brands and agencies ask us.


[h3]How do you define a YouTube view?[/h3]

We only charge for views that register on the YouTube counter. YouTube’s requirements for counting a view vary based on a variety of factors, but typically the video completion rate to count a view ranges from 15% to 60%, depending on content length.


[h3]How do you define an impression?[/h3]

We consider an impression to have occurred every time we serve an ad unit that contains the embedded YouTube player.


[h3]How much of this traffic will be organic?[/h3]

It is impossible to predict how much organic traffic will be generated from a campaign, especially due to the fact that this is heavily dependent on the quality of the content. Industry averages for organic views range from 1% to 3%, but our campaigns typically see much higher organic lift, even as much as 1,500% for videos that achieve super viral success.

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