Top 5 Social Media

Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Social Media


1. The “unreachable” prospects live on social media   

There are current and potential customers that only engage with brands via social media.  They want to schedule appointments through Facebook, get the latest information via Twitter, see how others use your product over Instagram, and learn what others think of you from Yelp or Foursqare reviews and comments.  How do you serve them today?

2. Level the playing field

Competitors, big and small, are using social media some really well others not so well.  Social media is a tool that allows the local grocery store to compete with the big box retailers.  The problem most small business owners have is they don’t know where to start and when they figure out where to start they don’t have the time, education or experience to leverage social media effectively.

We had a perspective client tell us Facebook does not work for his eye glass business, he never gets customers from Facebook.  Upon further investigation we realized he “bought” Likes and those Likes were from the Middle East, his store is in California.  This means his posts were showing up on the walls of his “fans” in the Middle East, those Facebook users were not going to engage with a local retailer (his calls to action requested customers visit his store in California).

3. Customized 

Social media is not a “one size fits all” solution this allows small businesses to leverage multiple platforms, each focused on delivering the brand’s messages in a slightly different manner.  It is important to understand what every platform “brings to the table” to craft the brand’s message accordingly.

4. Deeper connection with your community

This one is simple people buy from those they know and like.  Think about the merchants you currently buy from, do you know them?  Do you like them? Do you trust them? Are they the low cost provider? Do you continue shopping with them on price alone?

5. Learn what your customers care about

The more you learn about your customers the better you can serve them.  Social media makes it simple to test out an idea, without calling together a focus group or even better ask your social media audience what they want in your product or service.

Do you have any ideas that you want to share?  Do you own a small business? Share success stories and challenges.

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