The Value of Having a Face to Your Brand

Before  I go into my schbeal about why having a face to your brand is so valuable, I would like you to watch this ad that Chase  came out with demonstrating the features of their new mobile banking app.

Branding-croppedNow that you have watched the commercial what were some images that resonated with you? Were you focused on the baby? The uneasy uncle who was hesitant to hold the newborn? The new, yet confident mom going into the other room to deposit a check and make her money transfer, demonstrating the features of the app? Did this ad make you feel anything?Happiness, sadness, annoyance, frustration? This ad grabbed your attention because it evoked some sort of emotion from you, the viewer. Whether you were focused on how cute the baby was, chuckling at the uneasy uncle who was flustered, impressed by how easy Chase mobile banking is, or how sweet it is that is takes a mere minute to form an everlasting bond.

This is an example of how valuable it is to have a face or faces to your brand. Chase is obviously a large corporation who has the financial freedom to make an ad such as this one but that doesn’t really matter. What matters here is that Chase put a face to their brand because, let’s face it, banks are boring. Who is going to want to watch an ad about a bank going on about the new features of their banking app?

For most of the public, nothing makes you want to hit “fast forward” faster. By putting a face or faces to your brand, you are expressing personality through content. You, as a business owner, have the ability to choose whoever or whatever you want to brand and give a personality to. It could be a cartoon/animation, a family member, a friend, an employee, a model; the list can go on and on. That is the beauty here, not only do you have the option to brand whatever you want, but you are in control of how you brand your content! By adding a face to your brand you will allow consumers to have a relationship with your brand. Creating a community for your most engaged customer is a great way to incorporate a personality/face into your brand.

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Photo by toprankonlinemarketing

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