What Will Help Your Restaurant Social Media

What Will Help Your Restaurant Social Media

Restaurant Social MediaWhen you are interested in looking for a new place to eat, do you just drive around until you find something or do you search online to narrow down what you are looking for? Well more times than not you search online to find a new place that fits your needs. Well I am here to tell you that you are not alone; more than four out of five people search social media sites to find customer reviews about restaurants. This is why your restaurant’s presence on social media is super important; this can either make you or break you. With a few simple steps you can help make your restaurant social media the best in the whole area. Why not use your restaurant social media as a way to be different from your nearest competitors.

The options for social media sites are expanding daily it feels, so like anything else find one that works best for you. If I had a restaurant I would use Facebook, I am very comfortable with it and I feel it is very user friendly. You should use one of your best dishes as your cover photo and if you have problems choosing the best then change it out each week or two so people can see your variety. On that note, you should have lots of food, drink, environment, and whatever else you can upload a photo of that will promote your restaurant. As people see your page they will like it and this is how you will grow your following.

Restaurant Social Media

Once you have a good following start offering specials only to people who like your page. This will keep customers interested in your page and more likely to come to your restaurant. Some of my favorite offers are 10-15% off until a certain time like 7 PM, buy one get one drinks or appetizer’s but only on certain days, pick a random person or a couple of people to get a free entrée. Your social media should be a place where surprise and value go hand in hand. The best part of having your own restaurant is that you can come up with anything you want to help promote your business, the skies the limit. Although, still keep in mind you don’t want to give away too much because after all it is still a business.

Restaurant Social MediaAnother thing you can try, although I have not seen it a lot, is to create a YouTube page. This would mostly depend on what type of restaurant you have, but you can put up random videos about the perfect way to cook a steak or red wine versus white wine. Anything that keeps a customer involved in your restaurant will always keep them coming back. I think if you chose this option then I suggest updating it as often as you can so the videos stay fresh.

Keep in mind that nothing happens overnight. If you try one thing and after a week you are not getting the feedback you want then try something else until you find what works best for your business.  Remember it takes time to create a new habit and as always we re here to help answer questions or do it all for you!