Why Have Social Media?

Or should we train our store employees to ignore customers when they ask questions?
I have been doing an experiment for the last month complimenting and asking questions of brands from small businesses to major brands. I did about 15 tweets, no one was a complaint, and all my tweets were sincere and honest. Would you like to guess how many responses I received? How many re-Tweets? How many brands favorite my complimentary Tweets? NONE!!

Why did I decide to do this experiment? It started when a really nice brand sent our office free samples of their product, everyone really loved it! Since we get paid by brands to find celebrities that will Tweet for a brand I thought it would be nice to tell the Twittershere about how much we loved the product. I expected a response within a few minutes because I was gushing yet nothing waited a day, nothing! (as of this writing it has been 3 weeks and NOTHING!). So I figured they were busy but other brands must be on the ball and respond to questions or compliments, right? Not so much!

To be totally transparent we supply social media management services to brands (big and small) so you may be thinking, “He has an agenda”. I had no agenda, even if I did, how could I have known that many different brands would be remiss in their abilities as brand managers (yes I believe social media managers are truly brand managers). The simple answer is I could not have known that so many companies would not respond. According to evolve24, 29% of companies respond to complaint tweets, I would have guessed compliments would do as well or better.

From evolve 24

From evolve 24

If you own or manage a business would you discipline an employee you witnessed turning their back on a customer speaking to them in your store? Would you be happy if an employee hung up on a customer when telling them how much they love your product or service? How many businesses have testimonials in ads or on their web site?

Please help me understand how this makes sense? How can this happen?

If you want to know the brands please comment and I will tell you one per comment.

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