Why should your brand use Vine?

vine-twitterEarlier in 2013 Twitter launched Vine, a mobile video application that allowed its users to shoot and post 6 second looping video clips. Vine quickly sparked the imagination of people around the world as a variety of creative videos began pouring in from the internet massive.  People were creating short films, stop motion, and capturing moments (or seconds!) from around globe.

Vine can also be a very useful resource for your brand, and many brands have capitalized on the popularity by creating innovative vine campaigns to showcase on this newer social media phenomenon. There are some great examples out there of brands using Vine the right way. For example, Lowe’s began creating short tutorial videos showcasing their featured products using the catch hashtag #lowesfixinsix.

Lucky Magazine & Urban Outfitters also use vine to showcase as many outfits and related brands they can fit into a 6 second clip. Vine can be a natural fit for fashion brands and powerhouses as many designers are using Vine to show tiny clips of fashion shows, and exclusive behind the stage footage that you cannot see anywhere else.

Vine is also a great tool if you have a fun product to launch. It can gain exposure to your product without an expensive marketing campaign. Taco Bell utilized Vine when it was time to reveal the new Cool Ranch Doritos and got almost 3 thousand retweets and their fans felt like they got an exclusive look at the new taco via social media, which drove more organic growth.

Other great uses for Vine for brands can be announcing contests, or results. Sharing your ideas and where you work. Showing various uses for your product and introducing fans to the staff at your brand!

One downfall for using Vine with your brand is that there is no easy way to get the videos approved. So if your brand has a crazy approval process, perhaps Vine is not the best option for you or your brand. The videos are not able to be saved to drafts and must be posted instantly. This means no approval before your vine goes live to the internet.

If you are going to add Vine to your social media repertoire it should be with a clear strategy and purpose. Like all social media sites out there, Vine needs to be used consistently and creatively to add value to your brand. If you do this successfully, the possibilities are endless!

Does your brand use vine? How do you utilize it successfully?