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The other day I was on Yelp looking for a restaurant.  It was surprising how many restaurant owners or managers didn’t respond to Yelp restaurant reviews.

Restaurant owners need Yelp Reviews

Yelp Restaurant ReviewsThe days of old (about 6 months ago internet time moves quickly) when restaurants could ignore Yelp reviews, good, bad or indifferent are gone.  Most customers expect a response or believe the restaurant owners/managers don’t care about their experience.   According to research conducted by The Social Habit 42% of all customers not only expect a response but believe it should happen within 60 minutes.

In my experience most restaurants are not prepared to handle social media reviews or inquiries within the hour. This potentially creates a disillusionment gap between customers anticipated response time, and your actual ability to provide a response (if ever).

So what should you do?  First you need to take stock of your current situation.  How long would you last if you didn’t take inventory on a regular basis? Think of this as your Yelp inventory, no judgements just the facts.

Take 10 minutes and review your Yelp account, for every review give yourself 2 points, for every review your answered give yourself 3 points (see where this is going?) next take 5 points away for every review (good, bad or indifferent) that your restaurant did not answer.  

If you have less than 100 reviews and your score is above 50 then keep up the good work and don’t let up!  Should your score be less than 50 you have work to do.

Make sure you take the time each morning to review and respond to all your Yelp reviews, discuss the reviews with management and ask the staff to write responses for each review (this is to keep the staff engaged and aware).  It will surprise you how quickly your guests will begin adding new reviews, older reviews may change and your overall rating may even increase.  

Share your score with us by commenting below.

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